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ImproTheatre • Poetry • danse

QuoteLa Presse… Cornemuse de Larry Tremblay ‹ the notes surge... the music effusing from warm sands... with their heartbeats, the double bassists echo these pulsations. They are the show's great source of warmth…› Anne-Marie Cloutier.

Alex Bellegarde bassistComposer and master of free improvisation, Alex Bellegarde creates music drawn from a wealth of sources. Inspired by and inspiring the artists he performs with: poets, actors and conceptualists, he has performed in several cross-disciplinary projects in Canada, Switzerland and France.

Events include: Tap & Jazz, Live Painting & Jazz, Spoken Word & Bass, Spontaneous Creation Module, Poetry for Three Americas, Émergence Énergie, Jazzamérique, Mix Sessions/ Radical Libre (multimédia), Exit Sur Scène (10 years of poetry in Quebec), MRJ (transmedia atuelle, performance and Bravo TV film) to name a few ...!

Theatre projects in Montreal: Viva Confusion by Hunt Hoe - Théâtre Gésu, Cornemuse by Larry Tremblay - Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui, Marc Delaruelle's La Tête Dans Les Nuages - Salle Fred Barry and Hamlet Machine by Heiner Müller - Place des Arts.

In 2013 he was invited to join Laurent Bortolotti's company Tazz é-tap: music live, theatre & tap and performed several times with the company in Europe

Festivals & Events


  • Trio Improv'iste  » Laurent Bortolotti, Alex Bellegarde, Guillaume Martineau, Suisse, France, Canada 2018, 2016, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013
  • Tap & Jazz Live  » Laurent Bortolotti, Alex Bellegarde, Guillaume Martineau, Shyreen Müller, David Chia Bosch, Roser Font, Guillem Alonso. Switzerland, France, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
  • Spontaneous Creation Module - François Richard » Claude Lamothe, Michel Dubeau, Claude Maheu, Pierre Tanguay, Alex Bellegarde, Montreal, 2015, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2007
  • Impro » music for film with Michel Dubeau & R. M. Lepage, Montreal, 2011
  • Viva Confusion by Hunt Hoe Théâtre Gésu
  • Impro » music for film with Michel Dubeau & R. M. Lepage, Montreal, 2011
  • Poetry & Jazz » L'Off Festival de Jazz de Montréal, 2010, 2009, 2004
  • Accès Asie Festival  » Viva confusion theatre show on cultural confusion featuring international artist, traveller and prominent Indian psychiatrist Dr Mohan Agashe with Montreal artists Cecilia Cristobal and Alex Bellegarde. Produced by Hunt Hoe. Direction: Stehen Pietrantoni. Théâtre Gésu, Montreal, 2009.
  • Art & Cuban music » Yoel Diaz with special guests Karen Young. Kiko Osorio, Alex Bellegarde, Nathalie Picard, Montreal, 2009
  • Festival Multimedia Sutton  » performance featuring the music of Charlie Mingus with artists Michael Hynes, Alex Bellegarde and Serge Hamelin. Salle Alec & Gerard Pelletier, Sutton, QC, 2009
  • Les Peintres Siamoises » Ekotones, Théâtre Parmindou, Victoriaville, QC, Quai des Brûmes, Montreal, 2009
  • Expo Cuba » Yoel Diaz, Alex Bellegarde. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 2009, 2008
  • Poetry from 3 Americas » Poets Pedro Serrano & Andrea Montiel,Mexico, Andrea Moorhead, USA, Patrice Desbiens, Nathalie Watteyne, Jean Sioui et François Hébert, Quebec. Alex Bellegarde doublebass & Yvon Plouffe, percussion. Montreal, 2008
  • Espace Son » Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Journées de la Culture, Montreal, 2008, 2004
  • La Nuit Laurentienne de la poésie » a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the death of Quebec's national poet Gaston Miron. 12 poets with musicians David Gauthier and Alex Bellegarde. Théâtre du Marais, Val Morin, QC, 2007
  • Les Projets de la Baleine (Whale project) JazzAmérique » Sylvie Chénard, Alex Bellegarde, Antoine Berthiaume, Rémi Leclerc, Gabi Macalusco, Maryse Poulin, Andrée Préfontaine, Benjamin Proulx-Mathers, Rachel Therrien. Montreal, 2006
  • Rencontre Fortuite  » The Olibrus Company 5e édition. Impro/Projections/Son. Montreal, 2006
  • Exit Revue - 10yrs of poetry » 24 poets with musicians Alex Bellegarde, Daniel Lessard, Alain Mercure, Cabaret Lion d'Or, Montreal, 2005
  • Mix Sessions-Free Radical » Multimédia. Sly Cormier, Alex Bellegarde, Jessica Vigneault, Vincent Didier, Marc André Morvan, Nadav Nirenberg, Society for Arts & Technology, 2005
  • Espace Olibrius » Projection of 4 short animated films (without dialogue) by 'A baroque, refined and poetic universe', Stephen & Timothy QUAY Improvised sounds by Alex Bellegarde, Guido Del Fabbro, Francis Rossignol, Montreal, 2005
  • Festival Voix d'Amériques » a bilingual event dedicated to spoken word and performance literature. D.Kimm, José Acquelin, Geneviève Latarte, Guy Marchamps (poets), Alex Bellegarde (bass) Montreal, 2005
  • Conte et nous en jazz » tales from the past, jazz and visual arts. Andre Lemelin (story teller) Serge Lavoie, Marie Claude Lamoureux , Alex Bellegarde (jazz) Ginette Lavoie (artist) Chez Leo, Montreal, 2004
  • Émergence Énergie » Participating artists MRJ: Alex Bellegarde (double bass) Jacques Carrier (percussion) Michael Wanner(piano) with guests Stéphane Despatie (poetry) Éve.C. Fontaine (dance) and Janice Taylor (live painting). Distillery Jazz Festival, Toronto, ON, 2004
  • Émergence Énergie » Transmédia actuelle MRJ. Participating artists MRJ with guests José Acquelin (poetry), Éve.C. Fontaine (dance) and Janice Taylor (live painting) Montreal. 2004
  • MRJ - Bravo TV » Recorded at La Chapelle du Bon Pasteur, Montreal, 2003 (broadcast June 26 2004)
  • Expo Duo  Différentes Natures » New works by Johane Bergeron & Isabelle Champagne, Rafik Matta (piano). Alex Bellegarde(bass) Montreal, 2004
  • Works »  Alex Bellegarde Trio with visual artist Daniel Hémond, Galerie les Nouveaux Barbares, Montreal, 2004
  • Works »  Tony Gaudette (visual artist),Johan Batier (photographer), Trio Alex Bellegarde Galerie Les Nouveaux Barbares, Montreal, 2004
  • Émergence Énergie » Transmédia actuelle MRJ Participating artists MRJ with Guests José Acquelin (poetry), Éve.C. Fontaine (dance) and Annie Brunette (live painting) Montreal, 2003
  • Cornemuse » play by Larry Tremblay. Directed by Eric Jean. Music created and performed by Alex Bellegarde and Philippe Brault. Théâtre d'aujourd'hui, Montreal 2003.
  • Hamlet Machine » play by Heiner Müller. Directed by Jérémie Niel with members of the Conservatoire d'art dramatique de Montréal. Music created and performed by Alex Bellegarde and Philippe Brault. Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts, Montreal, 2003
  • Imagine-toi c'que j'ai lu  » Tales for the young. François Tardif and Clément Schreiber. Music created and performed by Alex Bellegarde. Maison des Arts de Laval, QC, 2003
  • Emmanuelle Blanche » Productions Centre d'Essaie. Music created and performed by Alex Bellegarde. Montreal, 2003
  • Alex Bellegarde &  & guests » 8 sessions, Le Va et Vient, Montreal, 2003,2002.
  • Works » Pierre Nepveu & Alex Bellegarde. Galerie Zeruchi, Montreal, 2002
  • Vernissage Pippilotti Rist »  Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 2000
  • La Tête Dans Les Nuages » Play by Marc Delaruelle • Music composed and performed by Alex Bellegarde in collaboration with Troika. Salle Fred Barry, Montreal, 1998